Point Lonsdale Foreshore Revitalisation Project – Bike Racks

Point Lonsdale has long been a popular tourist destination in Victoria, as a coastal township overlooking the notorious waters which provide the entrance to Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. After much community consultation and project planning, works for a revitalisation project that aims to transform the foreshore of Point Lonsdale into a more attractive space for both locals and tourists commenced on October 7, 2013.

The Point Lonsdale Foreshore Revitalisation Project is a 3-stage project which involves the development of public amenities while beautifying the landscape. This project strives to improve access to the foreshore area and provide a safe and appealing space for visitors and locals to interact, helping to address a number of social and economic challenges in doing so.

Gauss Building Products was granted the opportunity to supply a number of bicycle parking stands as a part of this project, encouraging both current and prospective cyclists to ride more often in Point Lonsdale. The marine grade stainless steel bike rails were installed on aggregate concrete areas and, as can be seen in the photographs, are able to blend in seamlessly with the new foreshore landscape.

The Gauss Building Products team was extremely humbled to be able to support the Point Lonsdale community and to work together with Borough of Queenscliffe Council and others on this venture.

If you would like any additional information about this project, or are interested in purchasing our high quality bicycle parking stands, please contact us via the form on this website or call us on (03) 9015 7233.