Stair Nosing

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High Quality Aluminium Frame with Durable Yellow Carborundum inserts .
Contrasting Strip : 50mm
Front Overhang : 10mm
Total Thickness : 4mm
Overall Dimension : L x 62.50 X 4mm
Product length up to maximum length of 3.6 Meter.
-Price quoted is per LM
-Item can be cut into actual length require

– Complies with the AS1428.4:2009 Standard and has available accredited certification
– It comes with a 50mm contrasting carborundum strip adhered onto a solid aluminium extrusion base
– The tappered edge prevents people from tripping when going down the stairs
– The carborundum stip is mechanically clipped into the aluminium which has slighly edge as well as chemically fixed in place with 3M double sided tape
-The carborundum strip retro fits onto the aluminium base which comes with counter sunk holes to accomodate
stainless steel screws , the end product conseals the visually unpleasing screw heads
-Carborundum strip is manufactured in Australia
-We can arrange for professional installation our stair nosing too. Please call us for quote for supply and install
-Testing accredition : AS/NZA 4586 Appendix A – Wet Pendulum 45 – V- AS/NZS 4586 Appendix D -Oil Wet Ramp Test R13
-Testing accredition : AS/NZS 1428.4 Wet & Sry Luminance Reflectance : Dry 4.04 / Wet 3.07 ( Black )

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Alumium Frame and Carborundum Inserts

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