Stainless Steel Tactile


Stainless Steel-Black PVC top
AusTac SS 316, 10 Ring Top, Milled Bevelled Edge
Black PVC Top
316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Top Dome 25mm
Base of Dome 35mm
Height of Dome 5mm
Stem Diameter 6mm
Stem Lenght 12 mm

– Complies with the 1428.4.1:2009 standard
– Made from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel and Long Pin.
– High resistance to corrosion makes it the definitive material to use to withstand the tough weather
– Comes in a variety of materials and colour schemes
– Used in public areas such as stairways, train stations, bus stops, ramps etc
– Testing accredition : AS/NZA 4586 Appendix A – Wet Pendulum 4S “W” AS/NZS 4586 Appendix D -Oil Wet Ramp Test “R12”
–Testing accredition : AS/NZS 1428.4 Wet & Sry Luminance Reflectance : Dry 25.1 / Wet 19.5 Mean Contrast Range 10.8-45.5
Installation Tips :
1. Use a fast set glue for standard flat back products.
2. Measure just enough glue for each button as cleaning excessive glue around the button can be time consuming
3. Refer to AS/NZS1428.4 for TGSI positioning, rectify a pad of TGSI can be costly.
4. Avoid Positing TGSI studs along substrate joints if possible , as it is likely it will not work.
5. Use a template. Pleaes contact us for quote fo the template.

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Stainless Steel-Black PVC top

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